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Maya is an ornamental jewellery stand modelled on the elegant form of a swimming otter - Tony Elkington Freelance Industrial & Product Designer London



Maya is an ornamental jewellery stand, modelled on the elegant form of a swimming otter. The piece was made as a gift, a product that combines personal meaning, aesthetic beauty and meets a need.

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Studying otters and capturing the gestures of their movements was the first step in creating the form, finding a balance between accurate representation and beautiful simplification. Consideration for functionality led to a design that provides multiple opportunities for hanging jewellery while maintaining the elegant likeness of the otter.

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Physically sculpting the 3D form in clay provided the understanding required to translate it into CAD. Silicone moulds were made from 3D printed masters of the otter and base, then various resin-casting techniques were used to achieve the desired material combination.

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Maya offers storage space for multiple rings on the neck and all four legs, and a necklace hanging from the tail - enough for your favourite jewellery that is worn on a daily basis.

Maya Jewellery Holder
Maya Details
Maya Jewellery Holder
Maya Jewellery Holder